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Electrician Newport

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Expert Electrician Services in Newport: Your Trusted Choice

At Aussie Electrical & Plumbing, we’re your neighbourly solution to brightening your life, one switch at a time. Operating in Sydney and extending our reliable services to Newport, we’ve etched our name as a beacon of trust in the community. Our reputation is powered by a relentless commitment to excellence, ensuring you’re satisfied and genuinely delighted with our work.


As your local electrician in Newport, we specialise in a comprehensive suite of electrical solutions driven by our promise of quality, efficiency, and affordability. From routine installations to complex electrical projects, we’re the experts residents count on for a job impeccably done. Our unique approach stems from an understanding that your needs are as individual as you are, warranting custom solutions delivered with a personal touch.


Experience the Aussie Electrical & Plumbing difference, we are top quality electricians in The Northern Beaches where state-of-the-art technology meets good old-fashioned customer service, ensuring your electrical woes find their match in our skilled hands.

Aussie Electrical and Plumbing doing switchboard upgrade and repair.

24/7 Dependability: Emergency Electrician in Newport

Electrical emergencies wait for no one, and neither do we. At Aussie Electrical & Plumbing, we’re steadfast in our commitment to keep Newport powered up 24/7. When untimely electrical mishaps disrupt your peace, remember that your emergency is our priority. Why choose us in a pinch?


  • Immediate Response: We’re on standby around the clock, promptly addressing your electrical emergencies.
  • Expert Troubleshooting: Our emergency electricians are masters of swift, accurate fault detection and resolution.
  • Safety First: Urgency never compromises safety with our team, safeguarding your premises from potential electrical hazards.
  • No Hidden Charges: Benefit from transparent, upfront pricing, even in emergencies.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: We’re equipped for all emergencies, from power outages to electrical damage.


As your 24 hour electrician in Newport, we pledge promptness & proficiency, no matter the hour. With Aussie Electrical & Plumbing, help is always just a call away.

Aussie Electrical and Plumbing doing switchboard upgrade and repair.

Your Go-To Commercial Electrician in Newport: Safety and Precision in Every Job

Navigating the intricate electrical needs of commercial spaces is a job for dedicated professionals. As your trusted commercial electrician in Newport, we at Aussie Electrical & Plumbing grasp the paramount importance of precision, adherence to safety norms, and timely service in a business setting. Here’s what sets us apart:


  • Comprehensive Expertise: Our team’s proficiency encompasses all commercial electrical necessities, including installations, repairs, and proactive maintenance.
  • Smoke Alarm Specialists: We ensure your establishment’s safety with our top-tier services, including smoke alarm installation, smoke alarm repair, and smoke alarm replacement, keeping your premises compliant with Australian safety regulations.
  • Customised Solutions: Recognising the unique challenges of commercial spaces, we tailor our electrical solutions to suit your specific business environment and operational needs.
  • Minimised Downtime: We understand time is money, so our commercial electricians work efficiently to ensure your business faces minimal disruption.
Aussie Electrical and Plumbing providing electrical services.

Seamless Power with Our Switchboard Upgrade Services in Newport

Old switchboards don’t just cause inconvenience; they risk your property’s safety. At Aussie Electrical & Plumbing, we specialise in switchboard upgrades in Newport, bringing you modern, efficient, and reliable power management. Why are we the preferred choice?


    • Expert Assessment: We evaluate your current electrical demands, recommending whether a switchboard upgrade, switchboard installation, or switchboard repair is necessary.
    • Future-Proof Solutions: Our installations are designed to accommodate your future power needs, ensuring your system isn’t just suitable for now but ahead of time.
    • Safety Assurance: Updated switchboards mean enhanced safety protocols, reducing the risk of electrical fires and safeguarding your property.
    • Compliance and Efficiency: We ensure your new switchboard adheres to regulatory standards, enhancing power efficiency and system reliability.

Need A Electrician Fast?

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Aussie Electrical and Plumbing can provide EV Charging station services.

Power Your Ride: Expert EV Charger Installation in Newport

The future of transportation is electric, and Aussie Electrical & Plumbing is here to power your journey forward with professional EV charger installations in Newport. Our services don’t just end at installation; we provide a holistic EV support system. Here’s how:


  • Specialised Installation: Our certified electricians ensure precise EV charger installation, compatible with your vehicle’s specifications for optimal charging efficiency.
  • Maintenance Mastery: Beyond installations, our comprehensive EV charger maintenance services keep your system running at peak performance, ensuring reliability.
  • Customised Setups: At home or in a commercial establishment, we adapt our installation process to suit your spatial dynamics and usage requirements.

Updated Expertise: We stay abreast of the latest EV technology, bringing cutting-edge solutions that stand the test of time.

Aussie Electrical and Plumbing performing smoke alarm installation.

Expert Level 2 Electrician Services in Newport: Powering Your Needs

Regarding advanced electrical issues, you require a certified Level 2 electrician in Newport who is adept at handling complex tasks with absolute safety and precision. At Aussie Electrical & Plumbing, our qualifications go beyond the standard:


  • Authorised Services: As accredited Level 2 electricians, we can connect your property to the power network, manage overhead and underground services, and handle metering equipment.
  • Advanced Solutions: From sophisticated electrical faults to consumer mains repairs, we’re equipped and skilled in a broad spectrum of high-level tasks.
  • Appliance Installations: Need a reliable professional for your appliance installations? Our Level 2 experts ensure your appliances are connected safely, following strict compliance and performance standards.
  • Tailored Approach: We recognise the distinctive requirements of every job, offering custom solutions designed for maximum efficiency and reliability.


With Aussie Electrical & Plumbing, you’re choosing experience & expertise, knowing your electrical needs are in the most capable hands. We understand the hesitations in selecting the right electrician — trust, expertise, and affordability all rolled into one seamless experience. 


Don’t leave it to chance. Join the many satisfied customers who’ve experienced first-hand the dedication and expertise that set Aussie Electrical & Plumbing apart. Contact us today — because you deserve a service that exceeds expectations!