It’s important to keep your switchboard working without any issues. That’s why you can rely us to for switchboard repairs across Sydney.

Your switchboard is at the heart of your home or businesses’ power supply. Damage done to your switchboard is often a symptom of a much larger issue.

If your switchboard has stopped working, it’s for one of two reasons:

1) An overload has occurred. This issue occurs when your appliances use more power than your switchboard can handle. To troubleshoot this, unplug a few machines and see if that fixes the issue.

2) Defective Appliances or Wiring. This problem is a bit trickier to resolve. You’ll need to test, through trial and error, which appliance might be causing the issue. If it’s wiring, you will need a licensed electrician to take a look at the problem.

We here at AEP are committed to making sure your switchboard is repaired quickly and safely.

Symptoms Of A Damaged Switchboard:

  • One symptom is when a power outage in your home, but power is still available for all your neighbours.
  • Another symptom is that your appliances are not turning on, even though they are plugged into your power outlet.
  • Do you notice a smell of burning plastic is coming from your switchboard? The reason for this issue is often a burnt wire.

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How We Repair Your Switchboard In 3 Simple Steps


We first conduct a full inspection of your switchboard and home.

Our experienced and fully licensed electricians will find the root of the issue, whether it’s defective wiring, appliances or an overload.


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We fix your switchboard quickly and safely

Our electricians will fix the problem and advise on the cause of it to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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