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Pipe Relining
Inner West

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Pipe Relining Inner West

Aussie Electrical & Plumbing offers pipe relining services in Inner West. Relined pipes are an effective, long-term solution to traditional methods of pipe repair and replacement. Pipe relining uses advanced technology such as a cured-in-place liner that is installed inside the existing pipes to strengthen them and restrict any signs of damage or deterioration.


Pipe relining has many advantages over traditional methods of pipe repair and replacement. Firstly, it is much quicker and more cost effective than replacing the entire old pipelines. Pipe relining only requires a small entry point to be made in order to insert the liner, whereas traditional methods require extensive work to be carried out on the entire pipeline.


Moreover, relining the pipes will last for many years with minimal maintenance required. The cured-in-place liner is durable and can withstand extreme pressure from water or other substances that travel through the pipes. Additionally, pipe relining helps to prevent any future blockages, leakage or corrosion of the pipes.

Finally, pipe relining is a far more environmentally-friendly solution to pipe repairs or replacements. Unlike traditional methods, which require the excavation of large amounts of soil and other materials, pipe relining only requires minimal disruption and does not generate large amounts of waste.


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How does trenchless pipe repair system work?

When we visit your home or business, we use a CCTV drain camera to investigate the inside of your pipes to identify the cause of the blocked drain and what we can do to fix it.

Using a high-pressure water jet blaster, we remove all tree roots and debris inside the drain to prepare the pipe for relining.

We cut a seamless, flexible textile liner to the required length and soak it in environmentally safe resin. We insert the liner into the drain using a drum. To help the resin cure, we pump hot water through the liner. Most jobs can be completed in less than one day.

We re-inspect the pipe work to ensure it has been fixed correctly. The pipe is now ready to use. The result is a completely new pipe inside the old one. This ‘pipe within a pipe’ is 100% watertight, stronger than PVC pipe, and has an increased flow rate compared to most existing pipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because less labour is needed, pipe lining can be up to 50% less expensive than a standard pipe replacement. Relining pipes is a great way to repair pipes since it has several advantages. Pipe relining can fix any type of damage, including root-caused damage and fissures. In most circumstances, it may be finished in a single day, saving you a lot on labour costs and being more cost-effective than replacing pipes with drainage excavation.

Our epoxy pipe lining procedure in Sydney uses two highly safe compounds that contain no dangerous substances as the epoxy resins that we use especially. After thousands of hours of testing, the epoxy used by Aussie Electrical & Plumbing has been certified as a secure repair method.

Trenchless pipe lining and manhole repair are made simpler by resin, a curable substance that hardens into pipes. Resin is a substance that blends well with most other building materials and is very chemically resistant. It appears in various forms, each designed for a particular purpose.


You must draw the resin—or rather, invert it—within the old pipe for it to function. An inversion unit is a specialised piece of machinery that will install the pipe liner uniformly using either air pressure or water pressure (or both). Depending on the type of pipe they coat, they come in various diameters.