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24/7 Emergency Service

Electrician Sydney Inner City

Electrician Sydney Inner City

Get in touch with us today for a free assessment and 24/7 emergency electrical service.

Electrician Sydney Inner City

The need for a Sydney Inner City Electrician can come up at any time. When this occurs, give us a call at 1800 957 769 and we will send you one of our friendly electricians to come over and inspect your place. You will be quoted for an amount equivalent to the work needed, and we can then get to solving your Electrical Service needs.


Looking for an Emergency Electrician Inner City-based means having access to a trusted technician who understands household wirings and electrically-powered home equipment. You may need help with the installation or rewiring of your electrical cables and pipes and you shouldn’t hesitate to Contact Us and we will get our team of licensed electricians towards your abode to fix your issue.

Emergency Electrical Service Sydney Inner City

It is stressful when you need an Emergency Electrician and no one is available to work. You don’t have to worry about this now since Aussie Electrical makes itself available at all hours to help you with any electrical issues you’re facing. Even when we get calls at odd hours, our quality, attitude and speed don’t change. This is to keep up with expectations and deliver a reliable output.

A man doing some electrical service which is installing an smoke alarm.

Smoke Alarm Installation Sydney Inner City

Electrical wirings are complicated and should only be handled by professionals. The same is the case with Smoke Alarm Installation. Our licensed electricians are experts in installing smoke alarm systems at home or in the office. Make sure your smoke alarms are installed without error so you can have peace of mind knowing that your alarm is in working order.

An electrician is shown in the midst of upgrading a switchboard, with various wires and tools visible in the background.

Switchboard repairs Sydney Inner City

Safe and hazard-free switchboard repairs are best handled by experts. You should never do electrical wiring yourself as you can create a dangerous situation for yourself and your home. Your switchboard is fragile and it requires handling with utmost care. Before you start working on your main switchboard repairs, the technician will see to it that no electrical appliance is turned on and all of it is unplugged. At the first sign of a faulty switchboard, contact us immediately to get it inspected and repaired.

Need A Electrician Fast?

If you want reliable Electrical or Plumbing service you can trust, contact us now.

Plumber posing
Aussie Electrical and Plumbing doing switchboard upgrade and repair.

Electrical Fault Finding Sydney Inner City

If you have any reason to suspect an electrical fault, no matter how small, make sure to contact Aussie Electrics to come and inspect your electrical system for any potential faults. Don’t risk causing damage to your home and family, call in our professional team to find the issue and we will get it fixed as soon as we can.

Appliance Installation Sydney Inner City

Installing big appliances at home is sometimes too difficult to do on your own. It should be properly done the first time to avoid damaging the appliance or any future risk while using the appliance. Aussie Electrical can help you with anything electrical – from the very first step. This is to ensure everything is working perfectly fine from then on. We have Cover Care to back you up, whether you’re a new or old client*. Hire an electrician from our team of experts who promise to put your safety first.