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Pipe Relining

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Pipe Relining Sydney

Aussie Electrical & Plumbing is your leading provider of professional pipe relining services in Sydney, Australia. Aussie Electrical and Plumbing can assist you whether you’re a homeowner who frequently experiences backups due to damaged cast iron drains under your slab or a commercial customer who cannot afford the expenses associated with company interruption due to drain repair. With our Cover Care warranty, we may install a permanent pipe liner that has been certified by all relevant regulatory bodies.


We offer high-quality plumbing services for all of your residential or business plumbing needs. With a commitment to timely, courteous service and exceptional workmanship, our team of highly trained and competent Sydney plumbers has been helping customers solve whatever problems may have arisen for deceases.


We provide the most advanced pipe relining technology to address any concerns in your home swiftly and correctly the first time. We even offer emergency services because we understand that problems with your plumbing don’t always occur during office hours. We are available to take your calls every day of the year, 365 days a year!


Have you been having issues with your water bill? Is your water pressure low? Do you see any leaks in your home? If so, your pipelines might need some tender love and care.


Pipe relining is a process that involves inserting a new pipe liner into an existing pipe. This new liner can be made of various materials, including fibreglass, epoxy, and polyurethane. The liner is then inflated and cured, creating a new, smooth pipe inside the old one.


Pipe relining is a great way to fix leaks, improve water pressure, and extend the life of your pipes. It’s also a much less invasive process than traditional pipe replacement. If you’re experiencing any problems with your water pipes, call Aussie Electrical & Plumbing today.


We’ll happily assess your situation and recommend the best course of action. Aussie Electrical & Plumbing is licensed and insured, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

Plumber checking the pipe line using their tools.

What is Pipe Relining?

We are frequently asked how broken pipes can be patched or replaced without digging them up. A no-dig pipe repair technique called pipe relining was developed specifically to address this issue! Due to this, pipe relining is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who don’t want to ruin their yards or pull down any walls.


No unnecessary mess, and can save you a significant amount of money from digging costs. Pipe relining is a less invasive process in fixing your leaking pipes for residential and commercial properties.


Without digging up the ground, pipe relining can fix cracked or broken pipes from the inside. Essentially, it entails inserting a brand-new, durable pipe inside the broken one to improve flow and seal off cracks.


The relined part seals perfectly against the remainder of your pipe system, halting leaks and averting more breakdowns.


Our relined pipes at Aussie Electrical and Plumbing are even more durable than entirely new pipes. Since no excavation is necessary, you won’t have to wreck your yard as you would if you were completely replacing your pipes.

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Residential Pipe Relining Sydney

Residential pipe relining services are for homeowners with damaged or leaking pipes. The process involves inserting a new pipe liner into the existing pipe, which can be done without digging up the yard. This is a much less invasive and expensive option than traditional pipe replacement.


It is recommended to get a residential pipe relining service every 10–15 years, depending on the condition of your pipes. If you notice any leaks or other issues with your pipes, it is important to have them inspected by a professional right away.


Aussie Electrical & Plumbing is one of the reliable names in residential pipe relining in Sydney because we have a team of experienced and qualified technicians who use the latest technology to provide quality service.

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How does trenchless pipe repair system work?

When we visit your home or business, we use a CCTV drain camera to investigate the inside of your pipes to identify the cause of the blocked drains and what we can do to fix it.

Using a high-pressure water jet blaster, we remove all tree roots and debris inside the drain to prepare the pipe for relining.

We cut a seamless, flexible textile liner to the required length and soak it in environmentally safe resin. We insert the liner into the drain using a drum. To help the resin cure, we pump hot water through the liner. Most jobs can be completed in less than one day.

We re-inspect the pipe work to ensure it has been fixed correctly. The pipe is now ready to use. The result is a completely new pipe inside the old one. This ‘pipe within a pipe’ is 100% watertight, stronger than PVC pipe, and has an increased flow rate compared to most existing pipes.

Commercial Pipe Relining Sydney

Aussie Electrical & Plumbing is the best regarding  commercial pipe relining.


Here’s what’s involved in commercial pipe relining:


  1. Assessment. Inspecting the damage to the pipe. We’ll use a camera to look inside the pipe and see how bad the damage is.
  2. Material Selection. Once we know the extent of the damage, we’ll choose the right relining material. We use various materials, including fibreglass, epoxy, and polyurethane.
  3. Application. We then insert the relining material into the damaged pipe. The material will bond to the inside of the pipe, creating a new, smooth surface.
  4. Curing. Once the relining material has cured, we’ll test the pipe to ensure it’s watertight.


Aussie Electrical & Plumbing is the best in the business because we have the experience, the expertise, and the equipment to do the job right. We’ll get your commercial pipe relined quickly and efficiently and guarantee our work.

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Emergency Pipe Relining Sydney

Emergency pipe relining Sydney is a service homeowners and businesses need with a damaged or leaking pipe. Emergency pipe relining involves inserting a new pipe into the old one, which is then filled with a resin that hardens to create a new, watertight pipe. This process is much faster and less disruptive than traditional pipe replacement and can be done without digging the ground.


Here are some of the signs that you may need emergency pipe relining Sydney:


  • A sudden drop in water pressure
  • Puddle of water near a pipe
  • A musty smell coming from a pipe
  • Visible crack or leak in a pipe
  • A strange noise coming from a pipe


If you notice any of these signs, you must call a professional immediately to inspect your pipes. Aussie Electrical & Plumbing can help prevent further damage to your home or business, saving you money in the long run.

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Pipe Inspection and Assessment Sydney

At Aussie Electrical & Plumbing, we understand the importance of regular pipe inspection and assessment to ensure the optimal functioning of your plumbing system. As a homeowner or business owner, staying proactive in maintaining your pipes is crucial to avoid costly repairs and potential disruptions.


Pipe inspection and assessment should ideally be conducted once a year to identify any underlying issues such as leaks, blockages, or corrosion. By scheduling regular inspections, you can detect problems early on and take prompt action, preventing further damage that could lead to expensive repairs or even plumbing emergencies.


Aussie Electrical & Plumbing has a reputation for delivering reliable, high-quality services. We prioritise customer satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations in every job we undertake. Our dedicated team will work diligently to complete the pipe inspection and assessment efficiently and with minimal disruption to your daily activities. Contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation.

Why Trust Aussie Electrical & Plumbing

On top of pipe relining, Aussie Electrical & Plumbing also offers Electrical ServicesEmergency Electrician Services, Smoke Alarm Installation, Appliance Repair, and Installation, and more. We are a trusted name in professional electrical and plumbing services for residential and commercial needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people may recommend pipe replacement if you are experiencing problems with your sewer pipes, but that isn’t always the best course of action. This is why pipe relining may be a much better choice:


Affordable and Efficient Preventive Measure


Pipe relining is a fantastic preventative strategy against structural issues if your home is older. Outdated pipes can jeopardise structures. Relining them can help you solve this problem quickly, cost-effectively, and with fewer headaches. Pipe relining can also help you avoid scenarios where tree roots infiltrate and obstruct your pipes. This may need sewer line camera inspections because the seamless lining stops moisture from leaking out of your pipes.


Less Invasive and Long-Lasting


Compared to replacing a pipe, pipe relining significantly lessens harm to your landscaping. When replacing pipes, you must account for additional landscaping expenses to fix your yard after the new pipes are placed. There is little to no cleanup required following pipe relining. The lifespan of relined pipes is between twenty and forty years.




Surface finishes may need to be restored as part of traditional pipe replacement, which can be labour-intensive. Higher financial expenses resulting from this. As there is no need to dig anything up, pipe relining is a considerably more affordable solution that achieves the same result as a set of entirely new pipes.


More Effective than Traditional Methods


In many ways, pipe relining is superior to pipe replacement for repairing damaged and broken pipes. To replace your damaged or broken pipes, you must pay the plumber to tear down walls, your yard, concrete slabs, and trenches. On the other hand, pipe relining only requires a single access hole one square meter in size. The tubing is far more affordable than buying new pipes, and it’s also much more convenient because you don’t have to get rid of your existing pipes.

Because less labour is needed, pipe lining can be up to 50% less expensive than a standard pipe replacement. Relining pipes is a great way to repair pipes since it has several advantages. Pipe relining can fix any type of damage, including root-caused damage and fissures. In most circumstances, it may be finished in a single day, saving you a lot on labour costs and being more cost-effective than replacing pipes with drainage excavation.

Our epoxy pipe lining procedure in Sydney uses two highly safe compounds that contain no dangerous substances as the epoxy resins that we use especially. After thousands of hours of testing, the epoxy used by Aussie Electrical & Plumbing has been certified as a secure repair method.

Trenchless pipe lining and manhole repair are made simpler by resin, a curable substance that hardens into pipes. Resin is a substance that blends well with most other building materials and is very chemically resistant. It appears in various forms, each designed for a particular purpose.


You must draw the resin—or rather, invert it—within the old pipe for it to function. An inversion unit is a specialised piece of machinery that will install the pipe liner uniformly using either air pressure or water pressure (or both). Depending on the type of pipe they coat, they come in various diameters.