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Nothing ruins your day more than a broken toilet. That’s why offer toilet repairs across Sydney.


It’s an integral part of your life – you need your toilet to flush properly. The problem could range from the toilet being clogged to the life chain being broken.


Here at AEP know that you need your toilet fixed as soon as possible, we take toilet repairs very seriously.


Contact us today to have an experienced plumber take a look at the issue, free of charge.

Common Symptoms That Your Toilet Needs Repairing:

  • Your toilet won’t flush.
  • The toilet bowl is overflowing.
  • Your toilet is slow to fill with water.
  • The button to flush stays in when you push it.
  • It has water leaking from under it.
  • Your toilet’s tank is dripping.

How We Fix Your Toilet In 3 Easy Steps

We do a thorough inspection of your toilet and piping to find the problem.

Our expert team of fully licensed plumbers will identify will find the root cause of the issue.

Provide a free estimate with no surprises.

Our friendly team will provide solutions to fixing your toilet with upfront pricing.

Our plumbers quickly, comfortable fix your toilet without making a mess.

We will fix the problem with little disruption and clean thoroughly so you can’t even tell we were there!

Get Your Toilet Repaired By One Of Our Experienced Plumbers Today.