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At AEP our motto is “COMMITMENT”

At AEP we believe in commitment, and we define our excellent customer service based on what commitment means to us and how we use it to exceed your expectations.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service is based on the following:

C – Competent: We believe every facet of your job must be handled by skillful experts.  We have teams of electrical experts and plumbing experts that have skills and experience to solve any of your electrical needs or plumbing problems. All our experts are competent, and they are proud to showcase their skilled workmanship by delivering quality service anywhere across Sydney.

O- Open-minded: At AEP, we are receptive to new concepts and ideas. We understand that finding solutions is a process, and communication plays an important role in problem solving. Our experts are trained to listen to customers as it concerns their electrical or plumbing needs. We share ideas with our client, and put ourselves in their position to enable us understand them better and render effective solutions.

M- Modest Charges: We understand the relevance of healthy financial status for private individuals and corporate firms, as such all are charges are flexible and relatively inexpensive. In order to offer you quality service without putting a hole in your pocket, we have created a Special Offer to enable you benefit from our quality service at minimal cost. Furthermore, we have created the AEP Membership program, which comes with lots of benefits for customers who sign up for it.

M- Motivated: We believe every job is an opportunity to prove our expertise and excellent service delivery; as such we are motivated by every new job. Your electrical needs or plumbing problems motivate us to do better and exceed your expectations.  Our team of experts sees every plumbing or electrical problem as an opportunity to convince you about our quality service. As such, they are inspired to go the extra mile to get the job done appropriately.

I- Innovative: We are constantly looking for better ways to serve you better. We believe in designing and offering innovative methods that would result in long-lasting solutions. We acknowledge that there is always more than one technical solution to any plumbing or electrical hiccup, as such, our experts are trained to consider the best possible options for your job and this may involve offering you the options and discussing with you to find out the best solution that suits you and your home.

T- Trustworthy: We believe in building excellent and trustworthy relationships with all our customers, as such we create a platform for communication and feedback that will help us serve you better and make you trust us.  We believe excellent business reputation can be built and enhanced with customer recommendation, and we acknowledge that trusts precedes recommendation, as such, all our client relationship is built on the foundation of trust. We trust you to trust us.

M- Mission: our mission is simple; to render exceptional customer service that will exceed your expectations and leave you feeling absolutely satisfied. We understand that customer satisfaction is the backbone of our business survival, and the yardstick of our quality service. The mission and dedication of AEP is absolutely tailored towards customer satisfaction. We are only satisfied with our services, when you are satisfied.

E- Excellent Service: We understand that all customers judge a company based on their experience with such company, and no customer will return to a firm after a horrific experience. At AEP, we strive to give you a reason to be associated to us based on the quality of services we render. Our quality service begins from the moment you give us a call and ends at the moment when you when you give us a nod of absolute satisfaction. There is only one way to confirm our quality customer service; give us a call today!

N- Notable: We are new in Sydney, and with our expertise and experience, we can help you find new and reliable solutions to any of your plumbing or electrical problems. All our solutions are notable in everywhere across Sydney where we have rendered our services (electrical or plumbing). Our notable workmanship has earned us a solid reputation that we are proud of anywhere across Sydney.

T-Timely: All our services (electrical and plumbing) are available 24hrs daily and seven days a week. We understand the relevance of time especially during an emergency; we respond promptly and keep to time and deadlines.  We understand that an emergency situation can easily escalate to a disaster within a short period, as such; we have team of experts that are prepared waiting for your call and ready to respond instantly to help you resolve any electrical or plumbing problem.

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