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24 Hour Emergency Electrician Sydney

24 Hour Emergency Electrician SydneyMost people take using electricity to power their homes for granted: it’s just something that’s there and when we want to use it all we need to do is to flip a switch. What we don’t think about is the fact that electricity can be dangerous. What’s more, problems can occur at any time of day or night which is why at Aussie Electrical & Plumbing we provide a full 24 hour emergency electrician Sydney service for all residents and businesses in the city.

One way to ensure that you keep your family safe, if your home is over 25 years old, is to have a full inspection of the wiring and appliances in your home. We use the very latest technology to check wiring and appliances and we can give you a full report of the condition of your wiring together with a list of any defects that need attention. Naturally, we can also rectify any defects if you wish us to do so.

Does your home have a circuit breaker?

24 Hour Emergency Electrician Services
Modern homes are fitted with a residual circuit breaker which will switch off the power in 0.03 of a second if it detects a fault. (If your home does not have a residual circuit breaker fitted, you should call us in immediately in order to have one installed. You can also call us in to check whether or not you have one in your home if you are not certain).

A residual circuit breaker will switch off the power fast enough to save you from electric shock. This trip switch is located either on or near your fuse box, which in turn will be near your electricity meter. (When you first move into a property you should always check the position of your fuse box and trip switch). The trip switch should have a “reset” button.

The trip switch can trip for several different reasons. It might be a faulty appliance, faulty immersion heater, an over loaded circuit with too many appliances operating at the same time, faulty wiring in a plug, an over-filled kettle, and more. It has even been known for a cat to chew through an appliance wiring!

How can you check for the problem?

If the trip switch is ON then turn it off and back on again, because it can trip inside the box without actually moving the switch. If this doesn’t turn on the supply, push the “reset” button. If the switch trips you have a faulty appliance or a problem with your wiring and it means that you need to call out our 24 hour emergency electrician Sydney.

If the switch is OFF when you check it, flick it back on. It may either trip off again immediately, or it may not let you put the switch into the ON position at all. (If the switch stays on but there is no electricity you may have switched off your main fuse box). Again, you will need our 24 hour emergency electrician Sydney service to deal with the fault.

Another possibility, if your fuse box and trip switch are separate, is to turn off the fuse box, then turn the trip switch on. The switch should stay on, but if it doesn’t there is a problem with either the fuse box or the actual switch.

How do you check an appliance?

If an appliance is faulty, the switch will trip immediately you turn it on. To double check, switch off the appliance, switch on the trip switch, and switch on the appliance again. If the switch trips again, there is a fault with that appliance. Call our 24 hour emergency electrician Sydney service.

How do you prepare for a power outage?

Power outages can occur for a number of reasons. The most common is during storms when trees can fall across power cables. This can happen at any time, so it is advisable to have a plan of action ready beforehand.

You should have a torch, or torches, available in your home, together with a battery operated radio set. This will enable you to keep up with the latest news bulletins on the state of the outage. You should also have a fully charged mobile phone and a list of your most important contacts – relatives, neighbours, and emergency services, including the number of our 24 hour emergency electrician Sydney. Don’t use candles – they can easily get knocked over and start a fire.

You should unplug and/or switch off electrical appliances including refrigerators and freezers. Try not to use these more than necessary, and check that food in the freezer has not thawed when the power is restored. It is a good idea to leave a light switch on, as that way you will know instantly when the power is back.

If you have special needs – for instance you might have a medical condition that needs a continuous power supply – you should let your electricity supply company know. You might also want to consider installing a small generator to use as a back-up if it is needed. In addition, you may need to leave home and stay with a friend or relative who has power.

What should you do if someone gets an electric shock?

24 Hour Emergency Electrician Sydney
The first thing you should NOT do is to touch them or their clothing. Very often the person is unable to let go of the appliance. Electric shocks may cause burns, stop the heart, and paralyse breathing, but by no means do they always instantly kill.

If there is no danger of being electrocuted yourself, switch off the power and pull out the plug. If you are unable to turn off the power, use thick insulating gloves, a dry towel or other thick material, or anything made of rubber to free the victim. If you have been trained in CPR use this to attempt resuscitation. Always call for an ambulance immediately. Never try to rescue somebody if they are in contact with high voltage electricity, such as a fallen power line. Obviously, it is to be hoped that you will never find yourself in this position, but accidents do happen, so it is best to know what action to take, just in case.

Finally, never attempt to tackle electrical problems if you are not absolutely certain what you are doing. You could put both yourself and others at risk. Call our 24 hour emergency electrician Sydney: that is what he is here for.

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