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August 21, 2016

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Emergency Electrician Newtown

Commercial Electrician Newtown
In the 21st century we have come to depend more and more on electricity to assist us in our daily lives. We use it to light and heat our homes and businesses and to run the myriad gadgets that the vast majority of us did not have only 20 years ago. Today we have laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and many other gadgets which have become indispensable even though in many cases they were unthinkable not so long ago.

Commercial Electrician Newtown

Emergency Electrician Newtown
Of course, one of the problems with electricity and electrical appliances and gadgets is that they can go wrong. They usually do so at the most inconvenient time which is why we at Aussie Electrical & Plumbing operate a round the clock 365 days a year emergency call out service. Our electrician Newtown is on call whenever you need him – day or night.

If the power in your home disappears at 9.00 in the evening, yet your neighbours’ homes and the street lights are all working, you know you have a problem that needs immediate attention. You can’t just cross your fingers and leave it until the morning.

Similarly, if you run a store and you have a power failure, you can’t take any money because your tills and your card readers won’t work. You need help, and you need it fast. Some people may take the view that we have come to rely on electricity too much, but we are where we are, which is why Aussie Electrical & Plumbing is always here for you.

Have you heard about our AEP Membership?

It is because there is so much call for electrical repairs that we devised our AEP Cover Care plan. AEP Cover Care Membership is open to all customers – both residential and commercial – and is designed to offer maximum benefits while saving you money.

First, you will receive a $50 discount on our first visit to your premises, whether it’s an emergency call out, a repair, or a routine inspection. This applies to both our electrical services and our plumbing services.

You also get one completely FREE emergency call out per year from our electrician Newtown, whether it is day or night – valued at $200. You never know when you might need that emergency call, but you can sleep easy knowing that if things are very tight when it gets towards the end of the month you don’t have to worry.

You also get first priority over all other customers. So if we are inundated with calls – which happens sometimes – we will attend to your problem before anyone else: just tell us you are an AEP Member when you call.

In addition, you get one FREE maintenance call each year for any or all electrical or plumbing requirements valued at $99.

On top of that, you also receive a 15% discount on all electrical and plumbing work that you ask us to undertake. Just tell our electrician that you are an AEP Member.

With all those benefits, becoming an AEP Member is a no-brainer. Give us a call to discuss it and ask us any questions.

Lighting up the garden?

It’s lovely to come home after a hard day’s work and relax out in the garden, maybe with a barbie, or just sitting around on the deck having a few drinks with friends. The problem is that when it gets dark it can still be warm outside, but you feel you have to go back indoors.

The way to solve that problem is with garden lighting, and it can be quite inexpensive to have our Newtown electrician install it for you. You can light up pathways with overhead lamps or low level ones. If you have a barbecue area further away from the house you can light that. You can put a spotlight under a tree – you’ll be amazed at how beautiful it can look when lit up against the backdrop of a dark night. In fact, with the right lighting you can make your garden into a work of art.

There is a huge range of lighting possibilities that can turn night into day in your garden. Talk to our electrician to discover all the possible options.

Does your home have a residual circuit breaker fitted?

When electricity is installed into modern homes a residual circuit breaker is included as a matter of course. However, homes that are older may not have one. If your home doesn’t, you need to call our electrician Newtown in to fit one for you as soon as possible.

A residual circuit breaker can save your life. The instant that it detects an electrical fault it will switch off the current in 0.03 of a second. The fault could be in the wiring of your home, it could be a faulty appliance, a fault in the fuse box, or more, but by switching off the power that fast it will save you from the consequences of an electric shock.

If your home does not have a residual circuit breaker installed, you need one NOW! Call our Newtown electrician.

Have you got smoke detectors?

It is has been shown that you are far less likely to die in a house fire if you have smoke detectors fitted. Smoke detectors do just that: detect smoke. And there is no smoke without fire.

By giving a loud audible warning, a smoke detector will give you an opportunity to escape before a fire takes hold. If you don’t have smoke detectors fitted you are simply taking an unnecessary risk. They are not expensive to install, so call our electrician. He will decide on the appropriate places to fit them and install them for you.

Need a new water heater?

Our electrician can install a new water heater for you if your old one has had its’ day. You may have a tanked system at present, and you can have it replaced with a new one, but today’s tankless water heaters offer a number of benefits. Rather than heating the water and then just leaving it sitting in the tank, when no matter how well it is insulated it will lose heat, a tankless heater heats the water only when you need it. It will also take up less space than a tank system. Talk to our electrician Newtown about the options for your new water heater.

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