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Emergency Electrician Castle Hill

Commercial Electrician Castle HillAussie Electrical & Plumbing covers the whole of the Castle Hill area for any and all electrical work that you may require, both domestic and commercial. We undertake all installation work, whether for new build homes, factories, and business premises, and carry out routine maintenance and annual inspections where required. We also operate a 24 hour 365 day emergency service for all residents and businesses.

Residential Electrician Castle Hill

Residential Electrician Castle Hill
Whatever the problem with wiring or appliances, our electrician is qualified to undertake it. We can install an additional power point for you, repair a faulty lamp, or we can completely rewire your home.

Got an electric cooker?

If you have an electric cooker that is a few years old, you may find that your circuit breaker trips out when you switch on a certain ring or hotplate. This is usually a very straightforward job involving replacing the faulty element. Call our Castle Hill electrician and tell us the make and model of your cooker and we can bring the correct part and fit it for you so that everything works perfectly again.

Ever thought about installing a ceiling fan?

In the summer the days can get quite hot. Not only that, it can also be very humid. One answer is to install a ceiling fan. You can sit under a gentle breeze, or if it is really hot you can turn a fan up to maximum speed. Either way, a fan will cool you down and make you more comfortable.

Our local electrician will be happy to install your ceiling fan. You can log on to Amazon and see the range of different designs that will complement your décor. When your fan arrives, just give us a call and we’ll come along and fit it for you.

Has your fridge stopped working?

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes fridges and freezers. If your fridge or freezer breaks down don’t just throw it away and order a new one. Our electrician Castle Hill will very often be able to repair your fridge or freezer for you. There are a number of things that can go wrong such as a compressor problem, an issue with the control system, a faulty thermostat, and more. Many of these can be fixed, giving your fridge or freezer a new lease of life and saving you the expense of a new one.

Central heating problem?

There is little worse than an electric central heating system which decides to stop working in the middle of winter. Suddenly it becomes as cold inside your home as it is outside. That definitely comes under the heading of an emergency, but fortunately our Aussie Electrical & Plumbing electrician in Castle Hill is available 24 hours a day.

So if your heating goes off at 8.00 in the evening (or even at 3.00 in the morning) you can call our emergency number and we’ll get help to you right away. Unless it is a major problem requiring parts that we have to get from our suppliers, we can often fix your central heating on the spot and get everything up and running for you again. Don’t just sit there in the cold wrapped in a blanket – give us a call.

Does your business rely on electrical machinery?

If you have a manufacturing business that uses electrical machinery and one, or more, of your machines stops working you need our emergency electrician. When you have a machine breakdown you are losing money all the while it is out of operation.

Not only can you not make the products or parts that earn you your living, you are also having to pay for a machine operator who is sitting there doing nothing. In addition to that, if your customer is relying on you to supply parts on time, but you can’t do so, then he, too, is going to lose money. It’s even possible that he could cancel your contract.

A machine breakdown needs urgent attention in order to get your factory into full production as fast as possible again. Call our emergency number and our electrician will be at your premises as fast as possible.

Problems with your switchboard?

When you have trouble with a switchboard it can lead to serious fires, and on occasion loss of life. The best way to deal with switchboard problems is to tackle them before they occur. Our electrician Castle Hill can come to your business and carry out an inspection of your switchboard using the latest infra-red technology and equipment to identify potential problems before they occur.

A switchboard breakdown, apart from being dangerous, will cost your business a considerable amount of money – far, far more than the cost of an inspection. Ideally, all switchboards should have an annual inspection, which would cut out the large number of failures that we are called in to deal with at present.

Are you a construction company looking for a good sub-contractor?

At Aussie Electrical & Plumbing we are happy to undertake all types of new construction work and we have the competent staff to do so. If you are about to undertake a new project we will be delighted to meet with you and discuss your needs for a team of electricians to handle all of the installation work. You will find our staff highly efficient, cheerful, able to tackle any sort of job, and always on site on time. You will also be pleasantly surprised at our day rates. Give our electrician Castle Hill a call to arrange a meeting.

Need another power point?

Our lives today rely ever more increasingly on electricity and battery operated gadgets. Today the majority of gadgets that we cannot live without – mobile phones, tablets, games controllers, “vape” e-cigs, and a whole lot more that are battery operated use rechargeable batteries.

Emergency Electrician Castle HillIn a household of four there are going to be four phones that need recharging just to begin with, and many people are finding that they could use some extra power sockets to accommodate everything. Our electrician can install some extra power points for you anywhere in the house that you need them. Once that is done, everyone can charge up all the gadgets that they need to without having a family argument about it.

At Aussie Electrical & Plumbing we undertake every conceivable type of electrical work. We are known as the “go to” electrical contractors in Castle Hill, so call us when you need any sort of electrical repairs or installation.

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