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August 8, 2016

24 Hour Emergency Electrician Bankstown

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Emergency Electrician Bankstown

Residential Electrician in Bankstown
Aussie Electrical & Plumbing provides residents and business owners in Bankstown with every possible requirement for electrical repairs of all types, together with installations. Whether it’s a matter of fitting a plug to an appliance, repairing a faulty heater, installing a hot water system, or carrying out the electrical installation for a new office block, we have the skills and the staff to undertake it.

We also offer a genuine 24 hour 365 day emergency service. Our electrician Bankstown is on call day and night.

Commercial Electrician Bankstown

Commercial Electrician Bankstown
Safety and security are our watchwords. Every job that we undertake is carried out to ANZ standards. We are fully licenced and insured, and we also give our 5 point guarantee.

1. You are guaranteed the finest quality service you will find anywhere. 100% is not good enough for us – we give 120%!

2. You get prompt response. We arrive when we say we will and we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whenever you have an emergency electrical problem – no matter what time of day or night – we are always open.

3. We tell you the cost of every job before we start any work. You have to approve the price, so you will always know what the work is going to cost. There are no hidden charges.

4. All work is carried out in strict accordance with the Australia & New Zealand Standards for Plumbing, Drainage, and Electrical Wiring.

5. We believe in open communication and feedback. You can contact our customer service representatives at any time – even while the work is in progress.

Do you need new lighting installed?

If you have just purchased a beautiful new pendant light for your living room, but don’t have anyone to install it, call us. Our electrician in Bankstown will have it fitted for you in no time.

Maybe you would like to install some wall lights or perhaps you want to change your light switches over to dimmer switches. Wall lighting can completely change the mood of a room, as can dimmer switches, and our Bankstown electrician can fit them for you.

Just moved in? Want to check the wiring in your new home?

if you have just purchased a new home in Bankstown and it is over 25 years old you may want to have the wiring checked. Unfortunately, as wiring ages it does deteriorate, and faulty electrical wiring can cause serious problems, including the possibility of fire.

If the electrical wiring was not specifically included as a part of your survey, it may not have been completely checked over. Our local electrician can undertake a full inspection for you using the very latest advanced infra-red technology. This will detect any faults in hidden wiring that is not visible to the naked eye and may not have been spotted during your survey.

There is no price that you can put upon the safety and security of your family, so calling in our electrician for a detailed inspection is just common sense.

Has your new home got an up to date security system?

This is another thing that needs to be checked if you have just moved in. It is a fact of modern life that there are people who would rather steal from others for a living rather than work. Sad, but true.

If your home does not have the latest security protection you may be leaving yourself open to the attentions of unwanted visitors.

Our electrician Bankstown can advise you about all of the most modern techniques for deterring thieves and burglars, as well as mindless vandals. Burglar alarms are one thing, but unfortunately over the years have become less efficient for one reason: they have in the past had a habit of going off for no apparent reason. The result is that many people take no notice of audible burglar alarms and fail to call the police. Burglars know this, and take advantage.

Did you know that the average burglar is in your home for just eight minutes? In that time he can take all your valuables and destroy your memories by taking family heirlooms that can never be replaced.

However, if you add security lighting which automatically switches on if a PIR (passive infra-red) sensor is triggered by movement, it will greatly increase your security. What burglar wants to be lit up as though it is broad daylight as he tries to break into your home?

Our electrician can add a CCTV camera so that it can be seen that intruders will be on video, and then you have a much more modern and up to date security system.

Does your home have smoke detectors?

If not, you need to install them straight away. The very simple fact is that smoke detectors save lives. Long before a fire starts into flame there is almost always smoke as a result of smouldering fabrics, wire coverings, carpeting, or anything else which burns.

Smoke detectors will set off an audible alarm and warn you of anything which is smouldering, giving you time to escape before it fully catches fire.

The cost of installing smoke detectors is minimal. Our local electrician can check your home or office and advise on the best positions for the installation of smoke detectors. In the average home you will only need two or perhaps three.

Are you having a new home built from scratch?

If you have found the plot of your dreams and you are now ready to construct your ideal home, you will obviously need the services of a variety of different trades. Not the least of these is the electricians who can undertake all of the electrical wiring and installation that will make up the majority of your energy supply.

Like many people, you may be considering alternative energy such as solar panels, geothermal heat pumps, and perhaps even wind energy, all of which are available and can be installed in modern homes and businesses. Not only do they save you a considerable amount of money on electricity bills, but you are also doing your bit for the planet by cutting down on the use of fossil fuels and reducing carbon emissions.

Our electrician can advise you on various methods of alternative energy, and it goes without saying that at Aussie Electrical & Plumbing we can install whatever types of heating, cooling, and hot water systems that you decide will be best for your purposes.

Emergency Electrician Bankstown

Emergency Electrician BankstownAt Aussie Electrical & Plumbing your electrician Bankstown is on call day and night for everything electrical. Anything from changing a plug on an appliance to installing new lighting or completely rewiring your home or business is all in a day’s work to us. Whatever you need, just give us a call.

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