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November 7, 2016
Electrician Balmain

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Emergency Electrician Balmain

Emergency Electrician in Balmain
When you need any sort of electrical work done in Balmain, call Aussie Electrical & Plumbing. Our electricians are local to you and have the skills required to provide electrical services to both residential and commercial properties. We also provide a full 24 hour 365 days a year emergency service for those scary occasions when your residual circuit breaker trips and won’t let you switch anything on again.

Residential Electrician Balmain

Residential Electrician Balmain
Of course, it’s possible that some homes still do not have a residual circuit breaker. If this is the case with your home you need our electrician Balmain to install one without delay. Electrical safety is paramount, for the simple reason that ANY item of electrical equipment can cause a fire resulting in a danger to life. A residual circuit breaker switches off the current in a split second in the event of an electrical fault. If you are not certain whether your home has a residual circuit breaker, call our electrician Balmain in to check for you.

Need an emergency electrician at three in the morning?

Our electrician Balmain has got you covered. When you have any sort of electrical emergency, whether residential or on commercial premises, we will get to you fast. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is – even if it’s Christmas Day – we are on call at all times. It’s a very good idea to do what many other Balmain residents have done, and that is to put our phone number in the directory of your mobile. That way, if the worst happens, you won’t have to start searching on Google in the middle of the night trying to find an electrician which is open. We are always open.

Do you need a home security installation in Balmain?

Home Security Installation in Balmain
If your home does not have an up to date security system you are asking for trouble in the 21st century. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life these days that there are far too many people about who choose to steal to feed their drug habits, and it is obvious that they want to make life as easy as possible for themselves.

If your home does not have a security system, while your neighbour has an obvious alarm box, security lighting, and a CCTV camera (even if it is only a dummy one) which home do you suppose a thief will choose to target?

Our electrician Balmain can survey your home and provide advice on the correct type of security installation, taking account of the geography together with your budget. You will feel much safer with a proper security installation when you know that your home is no longer likely to be selected as a target.

Need to install some garden lights?

There is little more refreshing than being able to have a barbecue and wind down after a hard day at the office, having a drink or two with family and friends. Installing garden lighting will enable you to carry on enjoying the great outdoors on those warm nights long after the sun has gone down, while your neighbour has had to pack up and go back indoors.

The choices for garden lighting are almost limitless. You can have overhead lighting for your patio or deck, pathway lighting, spotlights to light up a favourite tree or shrub, and much more. Our electrician Balmain will be happy to show you the different types of garden lighting that will complement your home and he can install it for you very quickly.

Water heater playing up?

You need an electrician Balmain and a plumber. But with Aussie Electrical & Plumbing you don’t need to call in two different companies. Our plumber will take care of all the plumbing work and our electrician Balmain will look after the electrical installation. You can have everything up and running the same day so that you can take that long-awaited shower in the evening.

Need an extra power point?

With all of the electrical equipment and gadgets that we have these days, many of us find ourselves wishing that we had another power point or two in a bedroom, kitchen, or even in the garage if you are converting it into a home office. You want your laptop plugged in, so does your partner, and so do the kids. Years ago, the kids went out to play with friends. Today they stay in and play Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

Our electrician Balmain can install a new power point for you anywhere around the home, or in your office or business. It won’t take long, and it will give you that extra freedom that you have been seeking. It also cuts down on putting up with loose wires trailing across the carpet.

Need to fix a broken fuse?

Some of us are not very good when it comes to mending broken fuses and fixing plugs. That’s not a criticism, it’s just a fact. If you are in that category don’t attempt to fix it yourself. If you don’t get it right you could be leaving yourself open to serious danger of electric shock or fire.

We’d far rather you called in our electrician Balmain even if it is only a very small job. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The same thing applies if you need a light fitting changed. This is especially true if you are a senior citizen and wary of standing on a ladder trying to fix something on the ceiling.

Electric kettle broken? Steam iron not working?

Our electrician Balmain can fix many of those little items around the home such as an electric kettle, a broken steam iron, or a vacuum cleaner that has failed. We don’t do iPhones (yet) as that’s a completely different type of technology: you’ll have to send that off to Apple. But we can fix many of the other electrical items in the home or office. Just give us a call.

Our electrician Balmain can undertake any type of electrical work around the home or office. Many people can replace a fuse or change a plug, but if it is something more complicated than that it is just not worth the risk of trying to do it yourself and getting it wrong. Electricity is dangerous if something is not wired correctly, or when something suffers wear and tear.

Don’t take any risks. Call us – we are the experts.


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