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AEP Cover Care Membership




At AEP, we acknowledge that our customers are our greatest asset. As such, we are constantly on the lookout for better ways to serve our customers better and guarantee maximum satisfaction for every service we render.

We believe that our customers deserve the best and it is our responsibility to strive to offer first class customer service at very competitive rates. As such, we have created the AEP Membership program as an avenue to offer customers more benefits at cost effective prices.

AEP Membership

Our AEP Membership program is open to both old and new customers anywhere across Sydney. Prospects can also sign up for the program and start enjoying the benefits as soon as they need any of our services.

The essence of AEP Membership program is to enable all our customers and prospects who sign up for it enjoy more benefits from the excellent customer service of AEP at a relatively lower cost.

Benefits of AEP Membership 


We offer the following benefits for all our customers who sign up for the AEP Membership program:

$50.00 OFF on Initial Visit

If you sign up for the AEP Membership program we offer you a special discount of $50 on any service you require on our first visit to your place. The $50 discount is open to customers who require any of our electrical services s or plumbing services.

You can take advantage of this offer and invite us to your place to help you install, repair or render maintenance service for any of your plumbing or electrical needs.


We have been in the industry for over 10 years working as electrical and plumbing as two separate entities and now We have merged both businesses to form a new company in Sydney, to provide one stop shop for both electrical and plumbing issues.


1 Free Emergency Call Out per Year (saving about $200.00)


All our customers who have signed up for the AEP Membership program are entitled to 1 free emergency call out per year. An emergency situation can occur at any time, even in the middle of the night while you and your family are asleep.

At such period you may have to make an emergency call immediately, our membership plan gives you the unique opportunity to do that. You never can tell, when you will need that free call. Sign up for AEP Membership program and have one less reason to worry.


Members Get First Priority Over Regular Customers

All our registered AEP Members are given top priority ahead of customers who are not. This implies that we give special consideration to all registered AEP Members. During emergency period or at any other time, our AEP members are given special responses ahead of regular customers.

Annual Maintenance Service Included For Free, Saving $99.00

All registered customers of AEP Membership program have the unique opportunity to benefit from our free annual maintenance service. We offer you free maintenance service for any electrical or plumbing needs and you can take advantage of this offer to maintain your plumbing system or any electrical appliances or electrical system.

An Up To 15% OFF Member Only Discount for Every Job (Electrical or Plumbing)

We offer all our AEP members up to a unique 15% discount for every plumbing or electrical work they invite us for. Our 15% discount simply indicates that you only pay up to 85% of your charges. You can take advantage of this offer to install, repair, or call for any maintenance service (electrical or plumbing).15_percent_off

If you add up all the savings here, any of our customers with AEP Membership status can save around $500/- per year. Why not use this saved money for your car registration or a quarterly electricity bill. You can sign up for AEP Membership with a mere $99.00 per annum and enjoy our unique benefits.

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